Unlock the Magic of Sisterlocks™ with Locked by Nature!

At Locked by Nature, we offer a range of services to cater to your Sisterlocks journey

The Establishment/The 3-Pak
(10 - 15 hours | Starts at $1000)

Get ready for the actual locking session—it's like a hair transformation marathon! AND, it is a PACKAGE DEAL which I call The 3-Pak. Bring a good book, as it might take 10-15 hours, but trust me, your patience will pay off. In some cases, we might need more than one session. On the bright side, after this journey, you'll leave with around 400 locks and a whole new attitude! As your dedicated Sisterlocks Guru, I'll provide you with the coveted 3-Pak which includes: Starter Kit'—complete with the right shampoo, tiny rubber bands, and a helpful 'tips sheet' for grooming and shampooing as your locks settle in; The Establishment (up to 5 inches of hair); and, the follow-up maintenance. Get ready for a fabulous hair adventure!

The Preservation
(2.5 - 4 hours | Starts at $45/hr)

Let's call this process "The Preservation" instead of the formal "Re-tightening" because, hey, I'm all grown up (Ha). This delightful session occurs after at least two shampooings and within a month after your Establishment or 4-8 weeks thereafter. I'll guide you on the ideal timing between Preservation sessions, carefully monitoring your locks' integrity. While tightening them up, I'll also share insights on how long the settling-on process is expected to take. Your locks are in good hands!

The Repair Preservation
(5 - 7 hours | Starts at $60/hr)

For the Repair Preservation, that's any retightening lasting over 5 hours, usually if it's been more than 8 weeks since your last lock pampering. Hey, no need to sugar coat how long it's been----I can spot overdue maintenance from a football field away! Trust me, I'm the expert here, and I've got your locks covered.

(1 - 2 hours | Starts at $60/hr)

In this session, we'll give those stray hairs a little trim and take care of any lock repairs. Think of me as that magical friend who can pull your lock game back together with a touch of expertise and care. Trust and believe!

The Consultation
(30 - 45 Minutes | Starts at $25)

Sisterlocks consultation involves a detailed discussion about your hair goals, maintenance, and lifestyle, ensuring a personalized approach to this natural and intricate locking technique.

Ready for a Life-Changing Experience?

Embark on your Sisterlocks™ journey with us at Locked by Nature and experience the transformative power of embracing your natural beauty. Whether you’re a seasoned Sisterlocks™ enthusiast or new to the journey, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.