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Unlock the Magic of Sisterlocks™!

Are you ready to celebrate the natural beauty and versatility of your hair? Look no further! At Locked by Nature, we expertly provide a range of offerings to support your Sisterlocks™ journey.

What Are Sisterlocks™?

Let’s talk about Sisterlocks™ – the fabulous style that celebrates the natural beauty of your hair with a touch of versatility! Whether you’re into roller sets, a pop of color, braid-outs, Bantu knots, updo’s, or the wild and free look, Sisterlocks™ are your perfect match. Plus, they’re an awesome choice if you’re ready to part ways with relaxers. As your hair grows, you can snip off those straight ends, it’s all good.

The Backstory:
Back in 1993, Dr. JoAnne Cornwell trademarked Sisterlocks™, turning it into more than just a hairstyle – it’s a lifestyle. In Dr. Cornwell’s words, “Sisterlocks™ is not about a hairstyle. It’s about a lifestyle. Sisterlocks™ invites women who are interested in self-empowerment and cultural self-expression to embrace a natural hair care system that is self-affirming and truly gorgeous.” Fast forward nearly three decades, and women worldwide are rocking the empowerment that Sisterlocks™ bring.

Certified Awesomeness:

Rebecca Otey

Before embarking on your Sisterlock™ journey, know that you’ve already found your Certified Sisterlocks™ Representative! Rebecca is here to weave the magic of Sisterlocks™ into your hair journey, ensuring it’s not just smooth but absolutely stunning. Your Sisterlock™ journey deserves nothing less, and Rebecca is your go-to girl – your Certified Sisterlocks Representative, ready to turn your hair dreams into reality.”

Breaking Down Sisterlocks™

Larry Sims

The celebrity hairstylist, puts it this way: "Sisterlocks™ are like microlocs but they’re essentially just small locs. They’re installed using the interlocking method, a special latch hook tool creating the magic." Stick with certified Sisterlock consultants for this intricate process to guarantee precision and care.

Sisterlocks™ vs Locs

While many locks methods rely on beeswax and various products to encourage hair to lock, Sisterlocks™ takes a different, natural approach. Unlike methods that use external aids, the Sisterlocks™ technique embraces the beauty of nature. Instead of relying on products, Sisterlocks™ start the locking process at the hair’s end, minimizing damage and pulling during installation. This meticulous approach, using a patented latch hook tool, creates an average of 400 locks without the need for beeswax or other hair products. The result? A uniquely authentic and chemical-free Sisterlocks™ journey that lets your hair express its natural beauty.
Let’s talk about time commitments. Sisterlocks™, with their end-to-root approach, are all about minimizing damage and pulling during installation. They’re smaller, making the installation take up to 36 hours. It’s a meticulous process involving a patented latch hook tool, creating an average of 400 locks.

Why Choose Sisterlocks™?

Celebrate Your Natural Beauty

Sisterlocks™ embrace the beauty of your natural hair texture, allowing you to express your true self with confidence.


Whether you prefer roller sets, braids, twists, or updos, Sisterlocks™ offer endless styling possibilities to suit your unique taste.

Say Goodbye to Relaxers

Sisterlocks™ are an excellent choice if you’re ready to part ways with relaxers. As your hair grows, you can snip off those straight ends, embracing your natural texture fully.

Our Process

Rebecca and her team at Locked by Nature take pride in delivering exceptional service with precision and care. With a meticulous approach and using patented tools, we create an average of 400 locks to ensure stunning results that exceed your expectations

Ready for a Life-Changing Experience?

Embark on your Sisterlocks™ journey with us at Locked by Nature and experience the transformative power of embracing your natural beauty. Whether you’re a seasoned Sisterlocks™ enthusiast or new to the journey, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.